Announcing VIP Subscription

Dawood Khan Masood

Dawood Khan Masood

Chief Executive Officer

We are pleased to announce an exclusive VIP subscription for the most discerning members of our fine community.

Flaw Tech VIP Membership Cover

Starting today anyone can subscribe to our VIP subscription by donating a minimum of $5.

Why does it have to be paid-only?

I never imagined Flaw Tech to grow at such a pace and while that is a good thing, sadly, the server expenses are also increasing. This doesn't mean we are moving in the direction of 'pay-to-access'. Donating a certain amount will help us keep our platform running and give you access to exclusive content that isn't available anywhere else.

Why not implement Adsense instead?

True, we can keep running our platform by implementing third-party ads but I like to think that user experience should be prioritized above everything else. Not only Adsense make the user experience terrible but it also bloats down the website performance.

How much do I donate to get the subscription?

We are still not sure about the price model so the best option was to let you guys decide our platform's worth. Donating a minimum amount of $5 will give you access to join the VIP group.

Great! How do I donate then?

You can donate by navigating to the following link:

  • Please make sure the email you use on OpenCollective is the same as the one you use for Flaw Tech. After donation, your account will be assigned access to Flaw Tech's VIP section.
  • If you donate, please make sure to send your username alongside the receipt to if you wish to upgrade your account.